to quote leslie:

this is the exchange leslie and i had yesterday before naptime:

Leslie: Mommy, I need my daddy.

Me: Daddy’s at work.  He’ll be home soon.

Leslie (crying): I’m sorry Mommy.  You have pretty hair, but I need my daddy!  

and then there was this one when i picked her up from school on tuesday:

Miss Cherrie (Leslie’s teacher):  Leslie cried all day today.

Me: Leslie, did you cry at school today?

Leslie: Yeah, I did.  Mommy, I cried for forty days and forty nights!

guess what the bible story of the month is???  she cracks me up.



One thought on “to quote leslie:

  1. melanie

    so so fun! my recent favorite was a temper tantrum in barnes and noble where audrey laid down on the ground saying loudly “no thank you, no thank you, no thank you!”…nothing like an ultra polite meltdown 🙂 warmly, -melanie-


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