leslie’s newest “thing”

anyone who knows us knows that leslie has never been a fan of sleeping.  as an infant, she slept in 45-minute increments, and only if she was cuddling on someone’s chest.  she greatly preferred the chest of her daddy, which was good for mommy, but not-so-good for daddy.  he spent many nights propped up on our couch, pillows shoved under his arms and behind his neck, feet propped up on the coffee table, sleeping while she slept, shushing her when she woke up, and bringing her to me when she was hungry.  there is a special place in her heart for her daddy…almost like she knows what he went through when she was small and is trying to make up for it with hugs and kisses now!

her bedtime routine is as follows:


  • bath…mommy used to do this, but since lucy’s arrival it’s become daddy’s job
  • brush teeth
  • pajama time
  • brush hair
  • storytime…at least 3 stories, more depending on daddy’s mood
  • bedtime…get in bed, choose the stuffed animals/books/etc. that will be joining her, “scratch-a-back” (i’m fairly certain that leslie would have her back scratched for an hour if daddy would comply…anytime you stop scratching her back, she immediately says, “scratch-a-back…please!”)
now, leslie has never gone right to bed.  she always chatters or sings ariel’s song (at the top of her lungs).  sometimes this lasts for an hour.  we’re okay with that as long as she doesn’t get out of her bed.  lately, she has taken to crying when michael leaves the room.  it started by saying she was scared and needed him to “tuggle” with her.  upon further questioning, we determined she was scared of the shadows in her room.  enter daddy’s shadow puppet show.  she loved it and eventually admitted that shadows were not, in fact, scary.  awesome.  and then, she learned how to pout.  i’ve never seen anything like it.  her bottom lip is shoved out to its maximum, and her voice becomes pathetic and sad.  it breaks my heart.  it breaks her daddy’s heart.  she cries real tear drops, and in case you can’t seem them, she yells, “daddy, i have a tear droppy!”  so, here’s how michael and leslie’s final conversation goes before bedtime:
M: Goodnight, Leslie.  I love you.
L: No, Daddy!  No leave me!  TUGGLE WIF ME!
M: Leslie, Daddy has to go.  I love you.
L: Daddy, I’m scared!  Stay here!
M: (walking to the door) There’s nothing to be scared of.  Daddy loves you.  Night, night.
L: (now pouting and crying) Daddy, I have a little tear droppy!  Stay here!
M: (standing in the doorway) I’m sorry you’re sad, honey.  I love you.
M: Goodnight, Leslie.  I love you.
L: DAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY!  (followed by high-pitched wails and a detailed  play-by-play of her tear drops)
poor child.  she knows which buttons to push and how to break her mommy & daddy’s hearts, that’s for sure.  if this trend continues, we’re in trouble when she gets to be a teenager!
here’s the calm before the storm:
and a cute one of leslie and lucy (poor baby has a bad case of baby acne), who she now refers to as, “mine.”  at least she likes her and hasn’t tried to give her away yet.
happy monday!

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