naptime at our house was a success today!  leslie asked if she could sleep in my ‘big girl bed’ when i told her it was time to take a nap.  normally, i say no to this request, but today i was feeling like a pushover.  i did, however, make her say ‘please.’  anyway, the three of us snuggled down in the bed together, leslie on daddy’s side, lucy in the middle, and then mommy.  ‘mommy…scratch a back…please!’  why not?  i’ve already given in to everything else you’ve wanted to do today.  so, after about 2.5 minutes of having her back scratched, she settled down and fell asleep with her arm around her baby sister.  amazingly, lucy cooperated by napping, too.  score!  i fluffed my pillow, wrapped the covers around me, and found the ideal position for napping with my tiny baby and not-so-tiny toddler, but couldn’t fall asleep.  as i was laying there, i couldn’t take my eyes off my girls.  leslie is usually so full of energy and things to say, but as i watched her sleeping, i was reminded of her as a tiny baby.  we used to nap together every afternoon on the couch, me on my back with her on my chest.  i think i cried when she got too big for our daily naps.  and now she is this miniature adult, more independent than i’m ready for her to be.  next to leslie is lucy, completely dependent on me for everything.  lucy is still tiny enough to take daily couch naps with her mommy, but soon she won’t be.  she will grow up far too quickly for my liking, just as her big sister did.  for today, naptime is a happy time…my new threesome enjoying the safety and warmth of mommy’s big girl bed.  it’s not exactly a couch nap with snuggly leslie curled up on my chest, but it might just be the next best thing.


One thought on “naptime

  1. Bridge

    One of my favorite parts of my visit was my couch nap with Lucy…even if it was super short and interrupted by Tag’s incessant barking.

    Miss you guys bunches!


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