there’s been some question as to where the ‘juice and goose’ came from.  someone actually asked if it was the name of a cocktail.  no.  juice is leslie’s nickname that her daddy gave her.  it’s actually more frequently ‘juice box.’  no one is really sure why…even michael can’t really tell you why he calls her that, but he does.  sometimes, so do i.  goose has become lucy’s nickname.  obviously, it comes from calling her ‘lucy goosey.’  so, that’s where ‘juice and goose’ came from.  it’s the same as ‘leslie and lucy’ only a little bit more fun.

last night lucy ended up spending some time on our bathroom floor.  i can’t recall exactly how this happened…leslie needed something, i was washing dishes, so michael put lucy on the bathroom rug.  yes, her bassinet would have been a better, safer choice, but then we wouldn’t have cute pictures like this:

cully is a good guard-dog when it comes to our babies!


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