what a busy day we’ve had today!  first, let me just say that i feel like supermom (well, except that i still cannot get leslie to take a nap).  this morning, i got leslie up and coaxed her downstairs to the kitchen with the promise of cereal for breakfast.  however, upon opening the refrigerator, i discovered that michael had used the last of the milk on his cereal.  uh-oh!  after trying to explain to a two-year-old that her daddy drank all the milk and dealing with the ensuing tantrum caused by the fact that she could not have cereal for breakfast, we settled on a cereal bar and some apple juice.  great.  next, it was off to mommy & daddy’s bed to watch ‘101 dalmations.’  feed lucy.  shower while lucy is asleep in the swing and leslie is occupied with the movie.  get dressed.  dress lucy.  dress leslie.  find shoes for leslie.  up to this point, we’d had a relatively normal morning at the forston house.  here’s where supermom enters the equation…

i realize that i am eventually going to have to leave the house with both of my children for something other than a trip to the pediatrician (which, by the way, has valet parking, so probably doesn’t actually qualify as a true errand).  so, i decide now’s as good a time as any to make that first trip to the grocery store.  the mission?  to successfully navigate kroger and purchase milk, bread, yogurt, butter, diet coke, cereal bars, and juice without losing a child or having a major meltdown in the middle of the store.  armed with enough suckers to keep leslie occupied for an hour (which, in case you’re interested, was only three), we left the house.  amazingly, our trip was (dare i say this?) easy!  we came home, put the groceries away, fed lucy again, and then (because i’m supermom, remember?) left home again to meet some friends at panera.  shockingly, that was easier than i had anticipated, too!  so, feeling empowered, i called michael to ask if we could swing by the hospital for a quick visit.  (it was his lunch break.)  he didn’t have any meetings, so off we went to central baptist.  leslie got to see her daddy (she’s become quite a daddy’s girl since lucy got here) for 30 minutes or so, and lucy and i enjoyed some sunshine in one of the courtyards at the hospital.  then we came home.  and now it is naptime.  and guess what else?  i think leslie just fell asleep!


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