here goes nothing…

so, i decided today that my excuse of not having enough time to blog was simply not true.  i mean, somehow i find time to read at least a dozen blogs of people i know (and even a few of people i’ve never met), so surely i can manage to create a blog of my own and update it on a somewhat regular basis.  we’ll see.

as i write this first post, leslie is singing and chattering away in her big girl bed.  it is naptime, but there is not much napping going on…at least not where she’s concerned.  lucy, however, is (finally) sound asleep in her pack & play.  at least i have one naptime-compliant child!  i love naptime.  in fact, some days i start counting down the hours until 1:00 before leslie is even out of bed.  i’m grumpy when she doesn’t nap, and so is she, which doesn’t make for a very pleasant evening at the forston house.  unless she falls asleep in the next 21 minutes, it looks like it’s going to be one of those evenings.  *sigh*

i guess i really have no room to complain about leslie not liking to take a nap.  as a child, i never napped.  ma preferred sending me to bed early (as in before the sun set) instead of putting me down for a nap.  when i went to the babysitter’s house, i always got to stay awake during the other kids’ naptimes…and since the babysitter needed a break, she let me watch ‘santa barbara’ with her.  i remember feeling very important and mature because i got to watch soap operas while all the other kids had to take a nap.  at least leslie isn’t watching ‘general hospital’ in lieu of a nap, right?

i guess i’ll go get her, thus saving her from another nap.  i miss these days:


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