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we are still adjusting to lucy joining our family…turning us into a happy little foursome.  for the most part, it’s been much easier than we had anticipated.  leslie loves her baby sister and can’t wait to tell anybody who will listen that her name is ‘lucy goosey’ and that she is hers.  she has not acted out physically at all.  i was worried because it seems like everyone i know who’s had a second baby has had problems with the first baby hitting, biting, or wanting to get rid of the new baby in any way possible.  leslie is the opposite.  she snuggles, kisses, and hugs (sometimes a little too tightly) lucy all the time.  leslie has not regressed as far as potty training goes, which is a huge *HUGE* relief for this mommy!  she has, however, become a whiny, needy two-year-old.  so much so that michael actually said he can’t believe i’m not filling out job applications!  it is hard on both of us…well, all three of us, really.  as soon as lucy cries, leslie needs to be held.  she is not patient about this need at all.  if she is not held immediately, she flops down on the floor and says, “mommy! no be mean to me! please, mommy!” all the while crying great big crocodile tears.  it breaks my heart and drives me crazy all at the same time.  having two little ones is the best, and most difficult, thing i’ve ever done.  for now, we’ll just keep dealing with the tantrums as they occur and enjoying the hugs, snuggles, and kisses in the meantime.  leslie and mommy are also going to start having thursday morning adventures…just the two of us.  we are lucky enough to have an abundance of family close by, and ma just happens to love these girls like crazy, so she jumps at a chance to stay with them.  lucy will enjoy a little one-on-one time with her ma, and maybe the adventures with mommy will help leslie with her adjustment.  i’ll keep my fingers crossed.

to quote leslie:

this is the exchange leslie and i had yesterday before naptime:

Leslie: Mommy, I need my daddy.

Me: Daddy’s at work.  He’ll be home soon.

Leslie (crying): I’m sorry Mommy.  You have pretty hair, but I need my daddy!  

and then there was this one when i picked her up from school on tuesday:

Miss Cherrie (Leslie’s teacher):  Leslie cried all day today.

Me: Leslie, did you cry at school today?

Leslie: Yeah, I did.  Mommy, I cried for forty days and forty nights!

guess what the bible story of the month is???  she cracks me up.


leslie’s newest “thing”

anyone who knows us knows that leslie has never been a fan of sleeping.  as an infant, she slept in 45-minute increments, and only if she was cuddling on someone’s chest.  she greatly preferred the chest of her daddy, which was good for mommy, but not-so-good for daddy.  he spent many nights propped up on our couch, pillows shoved under his arms and behind his neck, feet propped up on the coffee table, sleeping while she slept, shushing her when she woke up, and bringing her to me when she was hungry.  there is a special place in her heart for her daddy…almost like she knows what he went through when she was small and is trying to make up for it with hugs and kisses now!

her bedtime routine is as follows:


  • bath…mommy used to do this, but since lucy’s arrival it’s become daddy’s job
  • brush teeth
  • pajama time
  • brush hair
  • storytime…at least 3 stories, more depending on daddy’s mood
  • bedtime…get in bed, choose the stuffed animals/books/etc. that will be joining her, “scratch-a-back” (i’m fairly certain that leslie would have her back scratched for an hour if daddy would comply…anytime you stop scratching her back, she immediately says, “scratch-a-back…please!”)
now, leslie has never gone right to bed.  she always chatters or sings ariel’s song (at the top of her lungs).  sometimes this lasts for an hour.  we’re okay with that as long as she doesn’t get out of her bed.  lately, she has taken to crying when michael leaves the room.  it started by saying she was scared and needed him to “tuggle” with her.  upon further questioning, we determined she was scared of the shadows in her room.  enter daddy’s shadow puppet show.  she loved it and eventually admitted that shadows were not, in fact, scary.  awesome.  and then, she learned how to pout.  i’ve never seen anything like it.  her bottom lip is shoved out to its maximum, and her voice becomes pathetic and sad.  it breaks my heart.  it breaks her daddy’s heart.  she cries real tear drops, and in case you can’t seem them, she yells, “daddy, i have a tear droppy!”  so, here’s how michael and leslie’s final conversation goes before bedtime:
M: Goodnight, Leslie.  I love you.
L: No, Daddy!  No leave me!  TUGGLE WIF ME!
M: Leslie, Daddy has to go.  I love you.
L: Daddy, I’m scared!  Stay here!
M: (walking to the door) There’s nothing to be scared of.  Daddy loves you.  Night, night.
L: (now pouting and crying) Daddy, I have a little tear droppy!  Stay here!
M: (standing in the doorway) I’m sorry you’re sad, honey.  I love you.
M: Goodnight, Leslie.  I love you.
L: DAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY!  (followed by high-pitched wails and a detailed  play-by-play of her tear drops)
poor child.  she knows which buttons to push and how to break her mommy & daddy’s hearts, that’s for sure.  if this trend continues, we’re in trouble when she gets to be a teenager!
here’s the calm before the storm:
and a cute one of leslie and lucy (poor baby has a bad case of baby acne), who she now refers to as, “mine.”  at least she likes her and hasn’t tried to give her away yet.
happy monday!


naptime at our house was a success today!  leslie asked if she could sleep in my ‘big girl bed’ when i told her it was time to take a nap.  normally, i say no to this request, but today i was feeling like a pushover.  i did, however, make her say ‘please.’  anyway, the three of us snuggled down in the bed together, leslie on daddy’s side, lucy in the middle, and then mommy.  ‘mommy…scratch a back…please!’  why not?  i’ve already given in to everything else you’ve wanted to do today.  so, after about 2.5 minutes of having her back scratched, she settled down and fell asleep with her arm around her baby sister.  amazingly, lucy cooperated by napping, too.  score!  i fluffed my pillow, wrapped the covers around me, and found the ideal position for napping with my tiny baby and not-so-tiny toddler, but couldn’t fall asleep.  as i was laying there, i couldn’t take my eyes off my girls.  leslie is usually so full of energy and things to say, but as i watched her sleeping, i was reminded of her as a tiny baby.  we used to nap together every afternoon on the couch, me on my back with her on my chest.  i think i cried when she got too big for our daily naps.  and now she is this miniature adult, more independent than i’m ready for her to be.  next to leslie is lucy, completely dependent on me for everything.  lucy is still tiny enough to take daily couch naps with her mommy, but soon she won’t be.  she will grow up far too quickly for my liking, just as her big sister did.  for today, naptime is a happy time…my new threesome enjoying the safety and warmth of mommy’s big girl bed.  it’s not exactly a couch nap with snuggly leslie curled up on my chest, but it might just be the next best thing.


there’s been some question as to where the ‘juice and goose’ came from.  someone actually asked if it was the name of a cocktail.  no.  juice is leslie’s nickname that her daddy gave her.  it’s actually more frequently ‘juice box.’  no one is really sure why…even michael can’t really tell you why he calls her that, but he does.  sometimes, so do i.  goose has become lucy’s nickname.  obviously, it comes from calling her ‘lucy goosey.’  so, that’s where ‘juice and goose’ came from.  it’s the same as ‘leslie and lucy’ only a little bit more fun.

last night lucy ended up spending some time on our bathroom floor.  i can’t recall exactly how this happened…leslie needed something, i was washing dishes, so michael put lucy on the bathroom rug.  yes, her bassinet would have been a better, safer choice, but then we wouldn’t have cute pictures like this:

cully is a good guard-dog when it comes to our babies!

on pumping and wednesday

first, let me say that i hate pumping.  i feel enough like a cow without hooking myself up to a machine designed to suck milk out of my body.  however, lucy has been non-stop hungry lately, so i decided to pump every two hours in the hopes of increasing my milk supply.  so far, so good.  at first, i was able to pump about 2 ounces every 2 hours.  now, i’m up to 2.5 ounces every 2 hours.  not a huge difference, but at least it’s getting better.  it’s frustrating to feel like you’re failing your baby girl by not having enough milk.  with leslie, i had enough milk for her and at least 4 other babies.  it was ridiculous.  our freezer was full and we always had enough milk in the refrigerator for at least 2 extra bottles.  in fact, we had enough breastmilk that one night for dinner, upon learning that we were out of skim milk, i used it to make macaroni and cheese.  gross, huh?  this time around, though, i am barely making enough to satisfy my teeny baby girl.  so, i will keep pumping even though i hate it.  because lucy is worth it.  

this morning, leslie slept in (which probably accounts for why she is upstairs talking rather than napping).  i had to wake her up at 8:15 so that we could make it to gymboree by 9:30.  we miraculously managed to eat breakfast, pump a bottle for lucy (yuck), get all three of us dressed, and be out the door by 9:15.  it was truly amazing.  i might be able to successfully parent two children after all!  anyway, leslie was thrilled to be back at gymboree with all of her adorable friends.  it’s been several weeks since we’ve been, and she always looks forward to it.  in fact, when we drive by the building (which happens frequently because it is close to our house) she always begs to stop.  i used my new moby wrap for lucy, which worked well except that it made me too hot.  it was definitely better than lugging the carseat around though!  leslie played and ran around like crazy for the entire class.  it was a happy 45 minutes for this mommy.  then, we went to panera with our friends lauren and nate for a bagel and some lemonade.  leslie loves lauren way more than she loves most people.  i’m pretty sure she would gladly leave home to go live with lauren.  it was a good morning.  i think we are getting the hang of being a threesome, and that makes me happy.  speaking of happy, here is a photo from the first time leslie met lucy.  that was happy, too.


what a busy day we’ve had today!  first, let me just say that i feel like supermom (well, except that i still cannot get leslie to take a nap).  this morning, i got leslie up and coaxed her downstairs to the kitchen with the promise of cereal for breakfast.  however, upon opening the refrigerator, i discovered that michael had used the last of the milk on his cereal.  uh-oh!  after trying to explain to a two-year-old that her daddy drank all the milk and dealing with the ensuing tantrum caused by the fact that she could not have cereal for breakfast, we settled on a cereal bar and some apple juice.  great.  next, it was off to mommy & daddy’s bed to watch ‘101 dalmations.’  feed lucy.  shower while lucy is asleep in the swing and leslie is occupied with the movie.  get dressed.  dress lucy.  dress leslie.  find shoes for leslie.  up to this point, we’d had a relatively normal morning at the forston house.  here’s where supermom enters the equation…

i realize that i am eventually going to have to leave the house with both of my children for something other than a trip to the pediatrician (which, by the way, has valet parking, so probably doesn’t actually qualify as a true errand).  so, i decide now’s as good a time as any to make that first trip to the grocery store.  the mission?  to successfully navigate kroger and purchase milk, bread, yogurt, butter, diet coke, cereal bars, and juice without losing a child or having a major meltdown in the middle of the store.  armed with enough suckers to keep leslie occupied for an hour (which, in case you’re interested, was only three), we left the house.  amazingly, our trip was (dare i say this?) easy!  we came home, put the groceries away, fed lucy again, and then (because i’m supermom, remember?) left home again to meet some friends at panera.  shockingly, that was easier than i had anticipated, too!  so, feeling empowered, i called michael to ask if we could swing by the hospital for a quick visit.  (it was his lunch break.)  he didn’t have any meetings, so off we went to central baptist.  leslie got to see her daddy (she’s become quite a daddy’s girl since lucy got here) for 30 minutes or so, and lucy and i enjoyed some sunshine in one of the courtyards at the hospital.  then we came home.  and now it is naptime.  and guess what else?  i think leslie just fell asleep!

here goes nothing…

so, i decided today that my excuse of not having enough time to blog was simply not true.  i mean, somehow i find time to read at least a dozen blogs of people i know (and even a few of people i’ve never met), so surely i can manage to create a blog of my own and update it on a somewhat regular basis.  we’ll see.

as i write this first post, leslie is singing and chattering away in her big girl bed.  it is naptime, but there is not much napping going on…at least not where she’s concerned.  lucy, however, is (finally) sound asleep in her pack & play.  at least i have one naptime-compliant child!  i love naptime.  in fact, some days i start counting down the hours until 1:00 before leslie is even out of bed.  i’m grumpy when she doesn’t nap, and so is she, which doesn’t make for a very pleasant evening at the forston house.  unless she falls asleep in the next 21 minutes, it looks like it’s going to be one of those evenings.  *sigh*

i guess i really have no room to complain about leslie not liking to take a nap.  as a child, i never napped.  ma preferred sending me to bed early (as in before the sun set) instead of putting me down for a nap.  when i went to the babysitter’s house, i always got to stay awake during the other kids’ naptimes…and since the babysitter needed a break, she let me watch ‘santa barbara’ with her.  i remember feeling very important and mature because i got to watch soap operas while all the other kids had to take a nap.  at least leslie isn’t watching ‘general hospital’ in lieu of a nap, right?

i guess i’ll go get her, thus saving her from another nap.  i miss these days: